Next month, something big is coming to Atlantic Station’s Regal Cinemas. Select theatres are being transformed to accommodate movies in 4DX.

Movies will no longer confined to the screen. 4DX draws you into the movie as if you’re living inside its world. It provides the largest number of multi-sensory signature effects industry-wide. With 21 different kinds of signature effects, 4DX creates the most outstanding environment for movies.

Every second counts in the movie experience. What matters is how those moments are transformed into reality. Delivering precise and elaborate seat motions with the movie scenes is important. Not only do 4DX motion seats have a wide range of speed control, they also deliver precise vibrations to bring out realistic emotions and feelings.

4DX provides the largest number of multi-sensory effects among 4D cinema brands. The cutting-edge technology combined with quality, and distinctive, multi-sensory effects set 4DX apart as an industry leader.

So, what does this upgrade look like? The remodel will include a four-auditorium VIP area and the introduction of the region’s first hyper-realistic 4DX theater. Think: chairs that move in concert with movie storylines, along with simulated weather and other effects, and “scent modules”—all designed to replicate what characters might feel, see, and smell as stories unfold.

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