The Flavor of Independence
A sort of declaration of independence was always implicit in loft living. The urban pioneers who made SoHo, Tribeca, the Mission, and the Marina were trading ordinary expectations for space, and for the feeling of freedom that goes with it. That tradeoff is not nearly so demanding anymore. A long track record of acceptance and success has made lofts one of the preferred modes of living. When people choose a loft as their Atlanta home, they are not foregoing comfort or convenience. If SoHo cleared the way, then West Midtown is reaping the rewards.

The contrast could not be greater. Instead of a cold winter’s walk through vast and mostly vacant industrial buildings, as experienced by the SoHo pioneers, today’s Atlantic Station loft generation savors their perch atop a cultural district of more than 50 restaurants, entertainment and retail options galore, and a walkable live-work-play community that grows more pleasant and pleasurable by the month, thanks to expert planning and devoted development. The two- and three-bedroom residences of District Lofts have, perhaps, the best grasp of this refined evolution of loft living.


The Perfect Showcase
The long nights of winter form the perfect showcase for the percolating culture that the lofts of Atlantic Station sit astride. Residents who don’t want to give up their loft view, even for a night out, can choose the High Note Rooftop Bar, at the AC Hotel. Everything here says “comfort,” from the furniture to the food to the service. People who make the lofts of Atlantic Station their home don’t feel much need to “get away.” Nevertheless, the High Note offers a place to gather that gives up none of the comforts of home, even as it radiates a chill, in-the-know vibe.

Another option for nighttime fun is Tiki Tango, at 13th and Peachtree Walk. Wisely calling itself a “hideaway oasis,” the Tango is definitely a trip. Take your choice. With a little imagination, you are far across the globe in a South Seas paradise. Squint your eyes just a little more and you see yourself far away in time, when Mad Men executives spirited their dates to Trader Vic’s to enjoy the drinks they called “rum funnies.” Yes, the original craft cocktails, the Mai Tai, the Zombie, and the Suffering Bastard are alive and well here. (“Ah, yes, an S.B. for the lady,” said the decorous waiter.) With three levels and three different themes, the Flamingo Room on top, the Tiger’s Den in the middle, and the Tango Room below, you are certain of finding an oasis that suits your mood at the Tiki Tango.


A Dual Identity
For a pleasant surprise, Midtown lofts dwellers discovered Veranda. By day it appears to be a traditional Southern home. By night – oh my. Friday night, or any night, Veranda attracts a curated crowd of the people you want for company when you go to a lively bar.

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