Art Comes Alive on the Westside
The attraction of lofts as the answer to in-town living is well-earned, and nowhere has the idea matured with greater promise of comfort and dynamism than in Midtown Atlanta. A generation ago, among forgotten industrial buildings and warehouses, a few urban pioneers took advantage of low cost and large space to create homes where others had seen none. Often, they were artists, looking for places where they could paint, edit film, take pictures, or develop photography right where they were living. Some astute opportunists emerged from art-related industries to join in and develop the lofts idea to a much wider appeal.

Today, you can find Bed Bath & Beyond stores in Tribeca and Chelsea. There’s even a PetSmart in the famous Flatiron Building. No longer frontiers of the city, the neighborhoods where lofts came into prominence are well-settled, and here in Atlanta, our options in Atlantic Station are no exception.

Now that the success of lofts is unquestioned, the labor that those urban pioneers undertook has disappeared, along with the uncertainty of their ventures. There’s nothing pioneering, except perhaps the adventurous spirit, in the District Lofts of Atlantic Station. The refinement that was earned through decades of loft-living experience is here in every sense, from the macro-vision to the fine details. The simple elegance of today’s highest forms of design awaits here, right from move-in day.


A Living Gallery
And, lest the Midtown vibe become obscured in luxury, the Westside Cultural Arts Center brings to the neighborhood a venue that feels like all its own. Begun by an avid art collector and leader in the Atlanta art world, the center fosters avant-garde exhibitions and performances to raise awareness and advance our understandings of art. Against a backdrop of an astute gallery-in-residence and a continual program of exhibits by internationally recognized, regional, and local artists, the center is also a sought-after venue for social, corporate, and civic events.

Offering a 4,900-sqare-foot atrium and a 1,935-sqare-foot gallery, along with more personal-sized spaces and a catering kitchen, the Westside Cultural Arts Center provides an anchoring sense of place to the neighborhood, day-in and day-out as well as on special occasions.


An Active Pulse
One way the center assures its place in the heartbeat of the Westside scene is by making itself available to artists who want to bypass the gallery-selection process and show the art that, they themselves, are most interested in exhibiting. Three tiers of exhibit and reception options are made available, as well as a la carte services, for artists and patrons who want to mount their own show.

For more information on how to own at District Lofts, visit or contact us at 404.317.1896.

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