When lofts began to happen, long ago in lower Manhattan, those reclaimed dress factories and warehouses took some effort to see as condos. A visitor would ride the NYC Subway – an adventure in itself back then – to Greene Street or thereabouts, look up her friend’s (or his date’s, or her creative collaborators’) loft address, and stand helpless for a moment outside. Squinting until the doorbell was found – wired to the exterior of the massive building, and yet as tiny as the button on a modest cottage – the visitor would buzz and then stand back at the curb, watching the windows above. Down the key would fly, strung to a long ribbon to attract attention and limit the bounce when it landed on the sidewalk.

That was the security system of the first-generation lofts. In Atlanta, it was much the same.

To say that loft living in Midtown Atlanta has come a long way would be like saying that smart phones caught on. The understatement is vast. The attractions of the loft have made it the home of choice for generations of original, independent thinkers who want to be near the center of things and still enjoy a generous amount of room for living.

The Contrast Couldn’t be Greater

Not only is the luxury of loft living fully developed in the neighborhoods near Atlantic Station, but the amenities and services surrounding those lofts are first-rate, too. Another stark contrast is in the ease with which you can check out these possibilities for yourself.

From the security and comfort of home, you can request a virtual tour of the offerings at District Lofts. The Matterport-powered video walk-throughs are uncanny. The realism is striking. Even without a VR headset, your own computer or mobile screen can put you clearly into the life of the lofts. Your virtual tour begins by seeing your selected floorplan spring to life in three dimensions. Then your point of view swoops to the inside, progressing room-by-room and view-by-view – pausing whenever you wish.

You can walk through or choose highlights, zoom in to the smallest details, such as fixtures or the location of electrical outlets and light switches. The virtual media experience is so effective that you might decide you need a guide. Well, that can be arranged, too.

The Way Lofts Work Today

Gone are the compromises that loft-living once required. These lofts demand no trade-offs in comfort or convenience. Closets are more than generous. Bathrooms bespeak luxury. Only the sense of originality and adventure remains to mark these condos as lofts.

For more information on how to own at District Lofts, visit https://owndistrictlofts.com/contact/ or contact us at 404.317.1896.

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