The Midtown residents who are fortunate enough to view Atlanta from the vantage point of Atlantic Station are well-provided with the basics of supply for urban living. Target, Dillard’s, and Ikea are barely a stroll away. Our own restaurant selection, around the lofts here, is varied and delicious, ranging from the relaxing to the memorable. When it comes to what’s needed, what’s expected, we are amply supplied.

Yet the spirit of people who choose lofts for living demands more than the expected. The sheer variety and array of businesses that call West Midtown home are a direct outgrowth of the inventive, energetic, entrepreneurial spirit of the people who chose this neighborhood to be their home. These are questioners, explorers, builders of lives that might not match the general expectation. They are creative and curious – and they are the sought-after engines of today’s economy.

A Neighboring District

It’s not that our neighbors in West Midtown reject the past of Atlanta, so much as they re-invent it, outgrow it, and bend it to their will. A good place to start exploring the meaning of this spirit is in the Westside Provisions District. Notice the brand names you know, like Anthropologie, alongside the insurgent, original newcomers who bring their own slant, such as Ann Mashburn.

More than 20 years ago, the Westside Urban Market brought fine shopping and dining to the repurposed industrial structures here, recognizing the opportunity to lead, which was offered by the kind of people choosing to live in the lofts here and the tastes they brought to life. White Provision, nearly a decade later, brought with it even more retail and restaurant attractions, together with residences that made the area a true live-work-play, mixed-use community. Together, these pioneering developments became the Westside Provisions District.

The names alone give a hint of the dashingly simple originality or our neighboring district: East Fork, Free People, Hudson Grace, Bungalow Classic. The District’s motto, too, “Really Good Stuff,” testifies further to this unique character.

Maybe the Best Neighbor of All

It might be said that the best neighbor of all for West Midtown is Midtown Atlanta itself. Well established as one of the world’s most-successful mixed-use communities, the power of Midtown to put enterprise and lifestyle at close quarters – with the live-work-play ideal of planners and architects brought to life in the here and now – is a source of value and confidence and continued growth.

The Midtown Alliance has helped attract more than $5 billion in new investment over the last several years, leaving its mark in people-friendly streetscapes where more than 70,000 people report to work each day, and more than 20,000 live full-time.

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