People who choose the life of lofts aren’t supposed to be interested in nearby schools are they? Aren’t they all bachelors, artists, single professional women, and workaholic entrepreneurs? In a word, No. The success of the loft lifestyle in Midtown includes families – and people with family plans. In fact, the whole panoply of people who drive the 21st century economy in Atlanta, with their passion, intelligence, and creative capacity, have found West Midtown, the environs of Atlantic Station, to be a magnet for the life they choose. As a result, schools are just as important here as office and art supplies.

What once was the province of urban pioneers became so attractive that who could resist? The high ceilings, natural light, functional design, and straightforward beauty of lofts turned out to be a perfect setting for playthings, as well as it did for cameras, lights and art supplies. An American studies scholar who’s a friend of ours called it “the mainstreaming of the avant garde.” It has something to do with breaking down the barriers between art and life. So it is not surprising we would see it now, when creative and knowledge-based businesses are among the engines of the Atlanta economy.

Simple Name for Big Dreams

The Children’s School is an exceptional elementary school option for children from age three through the 8th grade. It ranks high, gets exceptionally good reviews from parents, and offers a 7:1 student-faculty ratio for the personal attention on which its philosophy is built. Even visitors to The Children’s School campus come away describing the learning atmosphere as “magic.”

A brave and lofty goal gives focus to the real-life action and energy that this magic requires. That vision is “amplifying childhood.” The Head of School here is personally and profoundly dedicated to serving the natural openness and curiosity of children, their capacity for joy and wonder. This philosophy encourages children to develop as themselves, and not to adapt by discovering a fictitious persona to present for others. The academic curriculum is real too, aimed at what the child will need, to succeed in the rapid change that can be expected in the lifetimes of each of them, what will endure and sustain them through those changes.

Original and Enduring

The Henry W. Grady High School in Midtown was one of the first two public schools established by the city of Atlanta long ago. Today Grady High ranks # 1 among all Atlanta public high schools. Their student proficiency scores for math and reading substantially exceed the averages for both the district and the state. The Gifted and Talented program there is particularly accomplished in preparing young people to carry on their education far beyond high school, and to make learning a way of life.

When they are ready for college, an inviting choice for the students of West Midtown is Georgia Tech, with busses that connect the campus with Atlantic Station. On Saturdays and Sundays, the Georgia Tech “Stinger” Bus route 9, the “grocery route,” goes directly to the Publix in Atlantic Station, and to the shopping, dining, and entertainment district around it.

Today, children’s education is a priority among the lofts of West Midtown, and we can help explore that priority. For more information on how to own at District Lofts, visit or contact us at 404.317.1896.

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