A little southeast of Georgia Tech and a little northwest of SCAD, there’s a land that links these two tribes – engineering and art – in a way that is both poetic and practical. The lofts of West Midtown are home to an Atlanta lifestyle that connects science and imagination, freedom and discipline, analysis and expression in a way that even the founders of Savannah College of Art and Design and the Georgia Institute of Technology probably could not have predicted.

We’ve arrived in an age where technology and art, theory and fact, strategy and execution are not nearly so easy to separate anymore. The whole Midtown neighborhood that enfolds Atlantic Station is a place where people see this synthesis – and act on it – every day.

Why the Action is Here

What indeed accounts for the reason this neighborhood is home to a Japanese barbecue, Gyu-Kaku, that we have in common with Times Square, or an Irish pub such as Meehan’s, or a burger joint such as BGR, or an American restaurant featuring more original beers than you can count, such as the Yard House, or an original smokehouse and raw bar such as The Pig And The Pearl? They came here because the eclectic tastes of the people who live in this part of Midtown demand experiences that are out of the ordinary.

And what’s behind those eclectic tastes? The spirit of exploration is one thing that folks around here have in common. If there is such a thing as a West Midtown personality, then, curiosity and the courage to follow it are characteristics.

The People Responsible

So, which came first, the coolness of the neighborhood or the people? What keeps this from being a chicken-or-the-egg question is realizing that it was people who made Midtown cool in the first place – and continue to do that today. And we don’t mean just the notables whose names get put on plaques. We mean the people who choose to wrap their lives in this vibe, this energy and thrust, by deciding that this is where they want to live.

The boldness that it took, to put a reminder of Paris’s Arc de Triomphe here, make it our own, and call it The Millennium Gate Museum, is a quality you can find in Midtown any day. People here don’t sign on for a life envisioned by someone else; they make themselves the authors of their own stories. Some stories, yes, may be traditional. Many are not. Virtually all, we can be sure, sprang from a sense each person had, a feel for their own makeup and intentions, their own dreams and goals.

And that, we think, is the best of Midtown. It’s the people. The qualities they apply to their own lives makes the community around them that much more interesting a place in which to live. The value this creates, for choosing where to invest or to live, is our field of work. For more information on how to own at District Lofts, visit https://owndistrictlofts.com/contact/ or contact us at 404.317.1896.

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