Comfortably situated under the high, industrial ceilings of Atlantic Station’s District Lofts, residents and guests enjoy this generously spacious and modish open floor plan for their friendly festivities. The homes at District Lofts are exemplary for gathering in a space that encourages connection with effortless flow from room to room.

Loft Levee

The unique stylings of a loft floor plan award meaningful moments with friends or family. The space has been inclusively created to offer residents host intimate dinners or festive parties. The best parties are catered. With Atlantic Station’s eateries at your fingertips, gathering the most toothsome subsistence is the most effortless part of your party planning.

Pro tip: Having a designated cocktail or beverage stopping place at parties is key; a bar cart is the idealistic design element that your home needs. Express your modish decorating style with your very own libation station on wheels. Easily transported and fully stocked with your favorites, a bar cart is the finishing touch for every loft. 

The number one reason that homeowners enjoy open floor plans is to entertain; with less stress placed on the host who is concerned about satisfying their guests, an open floor plan removes the trouble of frantically circulating from room to room to assume your host duties. Within your lofted home, the ability to connect in unison from kitchen, living room, balcony, or office space is tangible. As conversations echo off your eleven-foot walls, residents and guests alike enjoy gathering in comfort, space, and style at District Lofts.

Artfully designed to entertain in thoughtfully created spaces, District Lofts is a warm welcome home, or to your humble abode for every dinner party. Expect more from your home, and expect more from entertaining, visit 

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