Bringing your garden to life and utilizing your green thumb is an exciting challenge at District Lofts. With a spacious and private balcony that overlooks Atlantic Station, you can enjoy the fresh air whilst gazing upon your botanical masterpiece.

Planting in Smaller Spaces

Gardens can vary in size and density, and it is important to recognize which plants and herbs are best for your garden’s space. For smaller places, chrysanthemums, thyme, pansies, and hydrangeas are some of the best. To ensure that you are successful in your cultivation efforts, be mindful of the space that your balcony awards for gardening.

Get to Gardening

As you are enjoying the outdoor breeze on your balcony, study the sunlight that your balcony sees each day. Your plants will need plenty of sunlight to flourish in your garden, so tracking the sunlight patterns beforehand is a helpful step in your gardening process. Next you’ll need to gather the necessary resources to get started: pots, soil, etc. After all of your plants have been soiled and potted, it is time to water. 

Much like sunlight, plants cannot grow without the appropriate amount of water. You will know if your plant is staying hydrated by checking its soil—be sure to look for browning, wilting, or dry soil, as these are the signs of failing vegetation. As your herbs grow, knowing when to harvest is the final key step. Depending on which herb you have chosen to bring to life in your garden, harvesting can often look different for each plant, so be sure to research the protocol for any and every herb in your garden. 

Your private balcony can double as the greenhouse of your dreams with the right resources. With determination, the right vision, and a little bit of patience, you are sure to bring your balcony garden to life. For more information about living at District Lofts and our unique floor plans, visit 

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