Westside Hotspots

Residents of District Lofts are fully immersed in the heart of Atlanta’s exclusivity and there is certainly no shortage of delectable and unique places to dine within their special community of Atlantic Station and beyond. What residents have come to find is that...

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Expect More From What’s Already Here

Commonly known as “The Heartbeat of Atlanta,” Atlantic Station is a destination that is worthy of attention and consumption. This multipurpose gathering place is at the center of Atlanta’s most frequented locations, offering every visitor a unique experience. As we...

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Expect More From Your Loft

As it’s defined, ‘lofts’ are of imposing height and open space. Accented with industrial characteristics such as exposed ducts or brick, lofts emit a very distinctive energy. What seemingly serves as the answer to abandoning cramped, urban apartments, loft living...

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How Artists Impact a City’s Future

The connection between art and economic development goes way beyond speculation; you can look it up. In fact, a Creative Vitality Index (CVI) has been developed that establishes that relationship in both correlation and regression analyses. This is particularly...

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What Makes a Place the Best for Living

An interesting authority – – recently ranked District Lofts’ neighborhood, Atlantic Station, among the top four places to live in Georgia in one of their quantitative studies of neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools. What makes this endorsement...

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The Story of West Midtown

It was space – room to live, work, and thrive in the middle of a bustling city – that first drove the desire for living in lofts. Artists, film-makers, and more, the people who first ventured back into our nation’s center-cities and reinvented the big, industrial...

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School Spotlight – West Midtown

People who choose the life of lofts aren’t supposed to be interested in nearby schools are they? Aren’t they all bachelors, artists, single professional women, and workaholic entrepreneurs? In a word, No. The success of the loft lifestyle in Midtown includes...

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The Best of West Midtown

A little southeast of Georgia Tech and a little northwest of SCAD, there’s a land that links these two tribes – engineering and art – in a way that is both poetic and practical. The lofts of West Midtown are home to an Atlanta lifestyle that connects science and...

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Tech Boom in Atlantic Station

Atlanta has become one of the most sought-after cities to relocate to over the past few years. In just the last two decades, Midtown alone has seen its residential population nearly double. Many are lured in by the mixed living options, comfortable housing cost,...

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