What Makes a Loft a Loft

There was a time when loft living called for a bit of “roughing it.” No more. The lofts that people are locating around Midtown Atlanta are proof positive. In the area of Atlantic Station particularly, lofts mean luxury in locations that no longer call for...

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How to Tour a Loft Without Leaving Home

When lofts began to happen, long ago in lower Manhattan, those reclaimed dress factories and warehouses took some effort to see as condos. A visitor would ride the NYC Subway – an adventure in itself back then – to Greene Street or thereabouts, look up her friend’s...

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Five Ways to Keep Fitness Going at Home

This unexpected time at home has had health benefits that are just as surprising as the stay-at-home lifestyle itself. “I never had so many home-cooked meals,” said one friend in West Midtown. “And I, for sure, never slept eight hours so many nights in a row.” Even...

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West Midtown Dining Guide

The lofts life of West Midtown has little to do with the roughing it that urban pioneers once faced when they reclaimed sturdy spaces from the industrial age to make living close to art and commerce a pleasure. Now within easy reach of Atlantic Station, dining...

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Where Breakfast Happens in West Midtown

For the artists, the entrepreneurs, and those pursuing knowledge-and-talent-based careers in Midtown, breakfast can be a bustle on the way to an appointment or studio; it can be a conference of sorts, gathering info and energy for the day ahead; or it can be a...

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Westside Cultural Arts Center

Art Comes Alive on the Westside The attraction of lofts as the answer to in-town living is well-earned, and nowhere has the idea matured with greater promise of comfort and dynamism than in Midtown Atlanta. A generation ago, among forgotten industrial buildings and...

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The Weeks of Winter in West Midtown

The Flavor of Independence A sort of declaration of independence was always implicit in loft living. The urban pioneers who made SoHo, Tribeca, the Mission, and the Marina were trading ordinary expectations for space, and for the feeling of freedom that goes with...

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Expect Impressive Neighbors

It is undeniable that Atlantic Station is undergoing massive changes and expansion, all having a positive impact on the neighborhood. Two of the new developments with perhaps the biggest impact, T3 and Atlantic Yards, are expected to bring over 700,000 square feet...

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Expect More Treats than Tricks

In years past Atlantic Station has been the seasonal headquarters for a retail Halloween store appropriately named, Halloween HQ. Following Z Gallerie shutting its doors last month, the store relocated from the East side of Atlantic Station to the now defunct...

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